MoonPie@MoonPie Jan 7 The reason that brands talk to each other on this website is that we have no other friends in real life 448 t 27K 279K URGER Burger King @BurgerKing Replying to @MoonPie what happened to your sunny disposition 555 PM Jan 7 2019 Twitter Web Client 45 Retweets1K Likes MoonPie@MoonPie Jan 7 Replying to @BurgerKing It's hard to be cheerful all the time Burger King it feels like a lie 3 209 14K GER Burger King@Burgerking Jan 7 KIN just leave this here <3 Burger KingBurgerKing you're beautiful you're loved you matter don't forget it γƒ­69 12K MoonPie@MoonPie Jan 7 You are a sweet and benevolent sandwich monarch 3 t 125 15K GER Burger King@BurgerKing Jan 7 KING and you are named after a strong force of nature surrounded by stars don't forget 4 65 11K MoonPie@MoonPie Jan 7 That makes you a star 29 O 951 o Burger King & @BurgerKing Jan 7 343 awesomacious wholesome twitter exchange πŸ˜€ Meme

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