Moonpie Today is for honoring all of the presidents of the united states but I don't think there is a president of brands on Twitter so maybe that could be MoonPie one day who knows 21918 434 PM 343 Retweets 5984 Likes Shari @MissTwitchy 1d Replying to @MoonPie Pretty sure @Wendys is the president 91 t0 182 MoonPie @MoonPie 1d Ok but I just mean like someday you know 93 t 456 Wendy's @Wendys 1d We'll give you our endorsement MoonPie @MoonPie 1d I feel like that's pretty powerful but you know what would be even more powerful Wendy's @Wendys 1d The Infinity Stones? 913 t23 535 MoonPie @MoonPie 1d I was going to say a tiger with a twitter but I feel like we're circling around something big here 13 t20 673 E Wendy's Wendys 1d a Twitter The Frosted Flakes homie probably has 19 t343 849 Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger 19h v It's true This tiger is on Twitter MoonPie MoonPie 18h Sup Tony Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger 18h Hey MoonPie Busy day eating cereal and living life It's pretty Gr-r-reat MoonPie MoonPie 18h Haha that's what you say on the television very cool very cool t317 118 <p>Wholesome business Twitter via rwholesomememes <a href=httpifttt2CTqyKP>httpifttt2CTqyKP<a><p> Meme

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