MORE CANCER SURGERY FOR AMBER AMBER NEEDS SURGERY NOW‼️ Dear sweet Amber has been through so much in her young life and cancer is plaguing her but she is such a happy girl and has so much life in her we are going to remove the new cancerous masses that recently popped up on her tummy and leg since her last surgery🙏 PLEASE DONATE- We need to raise $500 to help Amber and pray that her dictators are able to remove them since she had prior surgery and the skin is tight🙏 Please donate to our General Fund or The NYBC Cancer Fund at wwwnybullycreworg Or Venmo @newyorkbullycrew Amber deserves a chance to live and enjoy a family She has a foster family waiting to love her in the states she just needs some help and prayers🙏 Please let her experience a home - that was the wish we wanted to grant Duque but were unable to fulfill Help us help Amber today PLEASE DONATE🙏 INTRODUCING AMBER Our colleague PR Pitbull Rescue picked Amber off the street and contacted us to help with her much needed medical Cancer predominantly skin cancer has plagued our most beloved PR rescues AMBER has the same cancer our beloved Duque had She has had a radical mastectomy and tumor removals already •We don’t know how much time Amber truly has but it is our mission to make sure it is one filled with many walks and belly rubs She has been in medical boarding but deserves to know a home of her home now • Although we wanted desperately to place Duque in a home it was difficult to find because he was not dog friendly AMBER loves other dogs and can smoothly fit into any home If you aren’t able to open your home to Amber please open your heart! To contribute to the NYBC Cancer Fund please visit the link in our bio! Any specific questions can be addressed to nybccontact@gmailcom or apply today at wwwnybullycreworg #ambernybc #nybcpr #savepits #nybcfosters @ibliz_prez Meme

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