MORE WOE FOR UNDER-FIRE GROCER SEX WITH TESCO VALUE LASAGNE BLISTERED M BELLEND Everyday Vaue SUN EXCLUSIVE Vince claims he w never warned by Tesco staff that he should not stick his knob in a scalding lasagne hot' I got it home and sa the A SHOPPER has vowed UELS ng said Check to never again set foot in a Tesco store after he food is pipang hot Again Nใ€‚Te costaid they have so far mention of not having sex had no record of any legal verely burned his reid-a ruzzled phalluยป action from Vince with the hot lasagne magine my surpriseB Britain'sbiggest oer has bigger things on one of the troubled seen a video on the internet the microwave I slipped ts mind than a sewage BELLEND while bonkingVi ince explained that he'd when after 10 minutes in of a man THe added It looked rather chain's lasagnes sex witha my Johnson into it and ws worker's bellend Vince Shaw 4 7 settled asagneplu into a universe of pain!Last week Tesco chairman Sir Richard Broadbent qui good fun so I went to Tesco neighbours who call and ater the retailer released food lust with the p on the way home from work amulance I screamed all igures showing half year day Value ready and invested in a lasagne the way tol eihtn Hospital its were down a whopping 19% on the previous year The owergrown corner has also made multi ow baek at his maisonette members nearby when I pent two days in hospitali pound accounting home in Winsford Cheshire bought it and neither warned because of the infection risk errors which have led to two day's In hospital wit ghastly genital scalds ot onef rom their alwey ng Bandages ED Tseco There were two staff Sir Richard Broadbent Vince is drawing up plans to Do not have sex with thi Aftertwo weeks I was allowed profts being overstated by practices But they never Water treatment worker hen I paid fer it the Good God- my bellend looks Vince said I've been a their scalding hot lasagne he wobbling retailer product when it's piping hot to take the bandages ff more than C250miliion even onee warned mne that raged I've been a checkout girl did not say Do like checse on Boast ars and look how I et prduct when it is piping remedy oyal cuustomer to Tesco and ould injure my bellond was willing to overlook alnever there ust be able to get adow ger postuta when it Wst piping medly frthib think de their shonity hok koepint hop thene loyal customer to Tesco over not have sex with this keeping again He's into Italian cuisine ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ Meme

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