porgmumma: Can we talk about a few things here?First of all how he lifts her chin up and she stops crying just a second to try to give him a smile? That she doesn’t quite want to say what he already knows. The way that  in the second gif he rubs her back? To Johnny POST MK X all he cared about was Cassie Sonya. He wanted to protect the two most important girls to him and he failed in many ways with Cassie growing up but he wanted to make a difference. Also the way he rubs her back kinda also shows that he’s trying to calm her cause clearly this whole scene we see how upset and what not she is. TRULY IT SHOWS THAT EVEN THOUGH JOHNNY MIGHTA FUCKING FUCKED UP WHEN HE WAS RAISING CASSIE AND SONYA AND HIM WERE APART HE STILL FUCKING CARES.JOHNNY CAGE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS  THE BEST FUCKING THING TO SEE IN MK 11 TO WATCH HIM YELL AT HIS YOUNGER SELF.