Most Common Sentences By Each Author STEPHENIE MEYER Tilight Series JK ROWLING Harry Potter Series SUZANNE COLLINS Hanger Gemes Series I sighed He sighed Ishrugged I frowned My name is Katniss Everdeen I don't know shake my head I am seventeen years old My home is District 12 Now I wish I had Iswallowed hard He hesitates Nothing happened Harry looked around Harry stared He walted Harry said nothing They looked at each other Harry blinked He looked around Something he didn't have last time He stood up He chuckled Ilaughed He shrugged 1 finched I took a deep breath He didn't answec I'm not really surprised Something is wrong mc-squidward doragray jenniferlawrence frostingpeetaswounds I laughed so hard at the i don't know and something is wrong the twilight one is like abstract poetry f you read it all together it's like the most awkward tense conversation ever My name is Katniss Everdeen I sighed Nothing happened I dont know he sighed Harry looked around I shake my head and shrugged Harry stared I am seventeen years oid I frowned and he walted My home is District 12 Harry chuckled and said nothing Now I wish I had aughed We looked at each other I swalowed hard He shrugged Harry blinked and hesitates Ifinched He looked around Im not really surprised Itook a deep breath something he didnt have last time Something is wrong He didnt answer He stood up OMG Most commonly used sentences by Suzanne Collins Stephanie Meyer and JK Rowling Meme

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