mostlysignssomeportents Old dentists' office walls are full of thousands of buried teeth For at least the third time construction workers in Georgia have opened up the walls of a former dentist's office only to discover thousands of teeth in the wall cavity The latest discovery was made at Valdosta Georgia's TB Converse Building built in 1900 in a dental office occupied by Dr Clarence Whittington and then Dr Lester G Youmans from 1900 until the 1930s Previous troves of entombed teeth have been discovered in old dentists' offices n Greensboro and Carrolton httpsboingboingnet20181027poor-r-valuehtm oldmanyellsatcloud for at least thethirdtime agentofawesome apparently the cool thing to do post-war was utilize the empty space between studs as a fucking sharps container because that could never cause a problem in the future thanks boomers assassinationtipsforladies Sourcemostlysignssomeportents 38912 notes If you're already scared of dentists don't read this Meme

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