Motherhood denied Breaking the mother-calf bond is fundamental to all forms of dairy farming 10 gorreality I can't be vegan I love cheese Dairy industry is as evil as meat No less harm for animals Does it look natural that calf can't drink milk so you can taste your piece of cheese? GO VEGAN catsteaks WRONG That calf is wearing a nose tag Nose tags are put on calves so that they are able to stay with their mothers longer but are unable to nurse They don't NEED to nurse as they get older they just get greedier and pushier and will bash up the cow's udder and bruise it with their noses This nose-tag is so that calves can stay with their mothers their mothers can remain pain-free and healthy and nobody is stressed Educate yourselves you ignorant fucking tarts friso1990 really? You don't think it might have anything to do with the milk being stolen for human consumption? At all? Not even a tiny bit? Farmers schooling vegans on cows and chickens Meme

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