MR DARKWER In 1978 incredibly depraved rapist Lawrence Singleton picked up a 15 year old girl who was hitchhiking in California After raping her he cut off her forearms with a hatchet and tossed her over a cliff and left her to die in the desert The 30 foot fall did not kill the brave girl who then managed to climb up the cliff where a passing motorist took the naked and nearly dead girl to the hospital In spite of his horrific crime and threat to kill the maimed girl Singleton received only a 14 year sentence In a sickening display of poor judgment Singleton was released from jail after serving only 8 years Singleton moved to Florida where in 1997 he was convicted of killing a prostitute who he stabbed in the face and chest This time he was given a death sentence but died on death row in 200b at age-73eb Messed up ~Matt Meme

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