MrBeast O @MrBeastYT The random winners of the 14 million retweet giveaway Won $1000 @oshijamz @daniel_d_lion @camp_harris @okiivisuals @yallneed2simmer @bencoop26513425 @ayeitsbatran @elsauerr @kylocrux @zeromusrising And the big $10000 winner is @loot4 I'll get in contact with y'all soon 630 PM May 15 2019 Twitter for iPhone 36K Retweets 638K Likes Alex norton @Alexnorton007 21h You gonna buy a neatly pc or what? O 11 Pinned Tweet RL 4 The Loot @loot 4 Replying to @Alexnorton007 and @MrBeastYT Nope I figured out what Il'm doing though buy food for fam pay off some debt pay my bills for the month take my Mom and Wife somewhere nice because l couldn't afford anything mother's day and the last bit is getting donated to Fred Hutch Cancer Research in Seattle 149 AM May 16 2019 Twitter for Android TacoKatHD @TacoKatHD 7h Replying to @loot 4 @Alexnorton007 and @MrBeastYT If you have no money for food and family you shouldn't be donating to cancer research imo Look out for yourself first RL 4 The Loot @loot 4 7h Cancer research has helped my Mom she recently was diagnosed hopefully she will be better soon 4 The right person won the 10k prize Meme

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