mredding x2 A lemon is not a naturally occurring fruit it's actually bred from a sour orange and a citron the sour orange itself being bred from a pomelo and mandarin So it's not the product of evolution but selective breeding 6848 pts 6mo KyleTheScientist x2 So life didn't give us lemons? 7653 pts 6mo dayjavid o The implications of this revelation are more important than I think we all realize 6459 pts 6mo 1261 pts 6mo Taxonomyoftaxes When life doesn't give you lemons you invent them yourself theweirdwideweb -O battlships It's not actually known if lemons were made by humans or if they were just natural hybrids of citrons and sour oranges Apparently it's super common for citrons to fertilize basically anything they're near morbidlyqueerious great now we gotta kinkshame the fruit themarginalthinker Everything about this post is going in so many directions at once Source theweirdwideweb 52812 notes whore-stealing lemons Meme

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