Ms Barr defended the president at several points in the interview objecting to a suggestion that he opposes many of the views that she and Roseanne Conner have espoused over the years like support for abortion rights same-sex marriage and organized labor Mr Trump used to back abortion rights before running for president as a Republican but he has never supported same-sex marriage <p>Reading this article in the NY Times about Trump congratulating Roseanne on her show coming back I feel like this sentence is pretty misleading To say Trump has never supported gay marriage is to suggest that he specifically opposes it despite the fact that he has said he doesn’t really care about it or mind it I think it’s pretty obvious that Trump doesn’t give a shit about gay marriage and anything he said opposing it was very mild and intended to appease his evangelical backing Trump easily vacillates from stance to stance depending on what sounds the best to the people he’s talking to Doesn’t say much for his integrity but it does dismiss a lot of pearl clutching about him being some anti-gay marriage crusader<p> Meme

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