MSI B450 Tomahawk ADD TO PC TEST Performance Results BUILD YOUR PC Workstation 77% Desktop 90% Gaming 100% UFO O Aircraft carrier e Battleship e User guide O Copy results Save results <> G+ Micro-Star MS-7C02 Overall this PC is performing way above expectations 92nd percentile This means that out of 100 PCs with exactly the same components 8 performed better The overall PC percentile is the average of each of its individual components This PC is likely System PC Status MSI B450 Tomahawk all builds Motherboard operated by a technical master! 124 GB free of 16 GB @ 32 GHz Memory With a brilliant single core score this CPU is the business It demolishes everyday tasks such as web browsing office apps and audiovideo playback Additionally this processor can handle light workstation and even some light server workloads Finally with a gaming score of 82% this CPU's suitability for 3D gaming is excellent Display 1920 x 1080 - 32 Bit colors Processor OS Windows 10 BIOS Date 20190306 109% is an outstanding 3D score it's the bee's knees This GPU can handle almost all 3D games at very high resolutions and ultra detail levels Graphics O Days Uptime Run Date Dec 27 '19 at 0549 123% is an exceptional SSD score This drive is suitable for heavy workstation use it will facilitate fast boots responsive applications and allow for fast transfers of multi-gigabyte files Boot Drive 123 Seconds Run Duration I CAN-User Run User 16GB is enough RAM to run any version of Windows and it's more than sufficient for nearly all games 16GB also allows for very large file and system caches software development and batch photo editingprocessing Memory Background CPU Windows 10 is the most recent version of Windows and the best to date in our opinion OS Version Took a wee bit of an overclock but I finally left the ocean Meme

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