MUELLER REPORT SUMMARY The 3 ingredients to Obstruction of Justice Nexus To An Official Proceeding Obstructive Act Corrupt Intent Knew they were acting improperly or with an improper motive Knew that there was an active Anything that blocks makes difficult or hinders an investigation investigation or court case when obstruction occurred PAGE What Did President Trump Do? # Page numbers refer to Volume 2 of The Mueller Report 24-48 Conduct regarding the Flynn Investigation 48-61 Reaction to Comey's announcement of Russia Investigation 62-77 Fired Comey 77-90 Tried to fire Mueller 90-98 Tried to curtail the Russia Investigation 98-107 Lied to the press about the Trump Tower Meeting 107-113 Tried to have Jeff Sessions take over Mueller Investigation 113-120 Ordered McGahn to deny Trump's attempt to fire Mueller 120-122 Attempted to influence Michael Flynn 122-127 Attempted to influence Paul Manafort 131-132 Attempted to influence the jury for Manafort's trial 128-133 Attempted to influence REDACTED likely Roger Stone 134-148 Attempted to influence Michael Cohen's testimony 148-156 Publicly attacked Michael Cohen and family after cooperation ?? ?? X X X ??? ??V ??V ?? Substantial Evidence UnclearPossible Not a crime NEXUS INTENT OBSTRUCT Mueller Report Summary Meme

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