Multi-function portable tools 1Canned up Open the tin cans The hook on the surface of the same mouth edge 2The side knifeBut cutting ropesAfter wash can also be cut fruit 3A screw up Able to elastic commonly used types of screws 4rulerThe cm metric scaleMinimum scale in millimeters 5Bottle upSuitable for beerThe opening of beverages such as cap 60utside the hexagonal wrench Suitable for elastic four different types of screw and nut tethered 7Adjustable wrenchLever principleSpecial bolt can be flat or round topOr break off flat hard objects 8Double row crisscross saw wrong To saw wood branchesAnd removing scales etc 9The direction of the recognizerGet lost in a forest or a desert cannot contend the clear directionReferred to in the map in the compass direction The recognizer and hollow out of the circle on the current map of approximate location Through 16 scale bearingThe use of indirect constantlyClear the direction of the destination 10Positioning wrench Function is smaller than the 6 model of two different types of six arrises wrenc 11Round holeCan be hung on the key ring To informThe card is belong to the sharp steel hard objectsPlease carefully carry or dse! Double row crisscross saw wrong of course stuff out as a favorite here Meme

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