Muricans of Reddit how can we Europeans help you invade Area 51? Discussion TShare Vote Award BEST COMMENTS igresso 2m Send a bunch of Europeans to help us in and have Europeans snipe the guards Reply Vote Enlightened_Thinker Now Don't the people who actually want to invade Area 51 are conspiracy theorist and rednecks those are the crazy people in America they are going to get killed the moment they approach Area 51 Vote Reply MrAsinine Now Is that necessarily a bad thing then? Vote Odog319 Now We need you guys to distract them with a tea party with the queen all the guards will get distracted and leave their stations Then us muricans all run in with our ar-15s and murder all the rest off the guards Reply Vote Ryryairpower1 Now Pathetic you think we need your help t1 Edit me_irl Meme

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