musekicker chika-tatehara dankmemeuniversity Kellen @captainkalvis 1d me what're you in for? murder? zookeeper looking at the penguin I'm talking to he's not in for anything me so he can leave zookeeper no me bc he's in witness protection? zookeeper no me well then just what the fuck is going on khaki man iamanoccasionaldoodler Fun fact there's a stellar sea lion at my zoo who is in fact in sea lion jail This big boy is an absolute GLUTTON for endangered salmon so he had to be relocated by like idk fish and wildlife ig But he came back So they moved him again And he came back Eventually their only choice was to lock him up in the local zoo If you look in his eyes you can see him plotting to get back to that river and eat his fhll in forbidden fish once more Source dankmemeuniversity 56000 notes FREE HIM Meme

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