Musical Elitist Starter Pack Often ends up on rgatekeeping POSER!!1 1!1!! This isn't real music Claims to love all types of music but hates pop and EDM It's not thrash enough lect dance music Musical genre Thinks they are an intellectual for listening to these albums Electronic dance music also simply dance is a broad range of made largely for nighiclubs raves an DM dance music electronic mus ipedia RIN aY WALL Pop mus Masical geee always commenting on videos of songs that don't fit their exact definition of the genre the song is from about how they don't like it so its atomatically shit Pep music is a genre of popular mu ated in ts moder mid-1950s erch the United Sates and Unted Kingdor ms popular music and pop music are gh the former describes all masic thar is p 1 day 880 an acoustic punk song There's nothing worse Reply Give 4 months ago gchase clarke m not one of the thrash metal is the only good music' guys but this shit here is generic radio music And when you have a real passion to music that is handmade and made with heart you would notlike his sht Andi bet with death metal he means shity djent metalcore everybody makes now listen to many oifferent genres and im musician by myself and this song is just mainstream shit 14REPLY Musical Elitist Starter Pack Meme

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