Musical Theater Starterpack Act two opens with the Has ambiguously gay character If adapted from a real event Won't say it outright usually has added fictional character quiet and atmospheric song Either the best or Regardless of topic must have romance subplot worst song of them all Probably a suicide in there somewhere Regardless of main plot has subplot about racism or oppression Historical figures are either glorified or vilified to fit story Some sort of meta joke about singingmusicals Adapted from the most out there source material Dance moves are flips flips and more flips Carstock CanStockPhotocom- csp57531063 Main character is usually overly You need to google the plot because you have no idea what the hell is going on Has one song Male leads are tenors Almost no exceptions plucky and excited throughout run time you always forget Ваrкone Comedic song out of nowhere shutterstockcom 553535785 Villain's song either slaps Minor character gets big number or doesn't have one Ends with bows Musical Theater Starterpack Meme

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