mutilatedmemories will never understand girls who throw their bras at guys on stage those things are fucking expensive and he has no use for it like what do you want him to do pass it down to his first born daughter thebaconsandwichofregret thought this was going to be slut-shaming but it's glorious demigirldemigoddess Then there's Hayley Kiyoko hayleykiyoko Liked by jazzfrogs and 305127 others hayleykiyoko HEY BRA THROWERS Remember all of those bras you threw at me on tour?!?! We got a total of 78 BRAS What are we going to do with your 'support? We are donating them to @isupportthegirls who helps girls that are experiencing homelessness or are in need Thank you for an amazing tour and for all these bras and thank you @neararussell for collecting them after every show!! Sourcemutilatedmemories 624 692 notes Meme

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