My buddy Peanuts salt maltodextrin red WHAT DID YOU HIDE IN THE PEANUT BUTTER Nothing Then why do you have it? Sandwiches Cop looks at my pal and then back at me still holding peanut butter behind my back and he does it shoves his hand and arm into my pal's peanut butter and starts throwing hunks out into the parking lot And my pal -loses- it He went off on a tyrade of peanut rights the peanut rebellion just harassing us because we're white peanut civil rights the peanut pride parade WHO DOESNT KNOW ABOUT THE PPP?!?!!?! and on and on He realizes there's nothing in it and turns to me furious Doesn't say a WORD just grabs my peanut butter and almost knocks me over I tell him Mr Goodbar's lawyer will hear of this He does the same thing to me and I launch into a tyrade about my working family and our right to sandwiches and the peanut labor movement and collective bargaining rights and candy power fighting the man and so on Meme

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