My characher's name is Rochet Hes a genebcally enhanendS raccoon witha gun fetish speron so vegot this headcanon that Guardians of the Galaxy is really the Avengers playing a table top roleplaying game where Bucky's the DM who suffers through heaps and loads of trolling Mostly from Steve Especially from Steve Which means Natasha was the one who sat down and wrote out the long comprehensive backstory for her kickass space assassin Gamora that Bucky keeps trying to work into the campaign but they keep getting sidetracked by- Tony who just created what he sees himsef as-the suave wise-cracking space vagabond Thor who needed a lot of help building his character and decided on a couple easy to remember traits Strong honor doesnt get metaphors and Bruce who's actually too busy to pay full attention so any time Bucky asks what he wants to do he just says '1 am Groot and lets Steve decide Oh my god Headcanon accepted so hard Meme

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