My Chemical Romace usually burn My Chemical Romance are goniuses I will say it go on any givan roality TV show which again geniuses! They wrote this catchy song about one would it be and why? not being okay Can you imagine anything striking a FRANK GROWING UP GOTTI cause I'm a quar- deeper chord with the key high-school-aged record- ter Polish and three-quarters mobster buying demographic? I swear they must be managed by Steve Forbes or something I'm not dissin'-I'm SKRATCH Does anyone in the band have just jealous! Do you realize how many underage an obnoxious girlfriend? What makes her girls these guys must have swarming around their so lame? tour bus?! It boggles the mind Anyway I had a really FRANK What are you kidding me? You're gonna great e-mail exchange with guitarist Frank Lero He's get me into trouble with this one Fine Mikey's girl- got a great sense of humor and he believes in evolu- friend Ha ha l'm callin' you out Jeanna bait! Yeah tion-so as far as l'm concerned he deserves to live that's right-I went there a happy normal life Judge for yourself though SKRATCH If you had to wear either high SKRATCH Late at night when you think heels or a bra on a regular basis which of the Warped Tour what do you think of? would you pick and why? FRANK The lack of showering rad Porta-Potties FRANK Dang Neither really I have bad ankles and friendship so the heels are not even a question and bras just seem like a hassle SKRATCH You guys are kinda pale Are you worried about sunburn on the SKRATCH Do you believe in evolution? Warped Tour? What will you do to prevent FRANK Yes because it happened Next it? Or are you looking for a little color? FRANK Um I don't know It's really not something SKRATCH If you killed someone where I'm too concerned aboutbutI do usually burn would you hide the body? Do you think especially on my face and that's never any funso you'd get away with it? maybe I should come up with some sort of a plan FRANK I would hide the body in a voting booth Apparently intelligent people haven't stepped foot in those things for years SKRATCHI love the way your music video looks like a film trailer If they were to ac- tually make the film being advertised what would the plot be? What character And that way if Ashcroft is running for any sort of office the body can do a little last-minute campaign FRANK There would be absolutely no plot whatso- ing! Ha ha ha Oh man I'm fucking funny Is that too ever It would be lots of close-ups of Gerard some heady a reference for a Warped Tour guide? Well more of Mikey a car would blow up and it would be take your mind off it by checking out My Chemical Romance all summer long on this year's Warped Tour! And throw my man Frank some sunscreen when you see him I worry about hirm you know? would each member of the band play? over I would audition for the part of Godzilla SKRATCH Man didn't high school suck? FRANK Tou hit the nail on the head sister SKRATCH If you could go or had to wwwskratchmagazinecom By Jeff Penalty Photo by Derrick Santini playing 618-81S wwwtheimmortalityprojectcom callmeblake mcrmyhollywoodscans JUNE 2004 - SKRATCH Photo Credit Derrick Santini Meme

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