My coworker delusional af I took a shift that she usually works and she asked me how will I send her the money I made since it's her shifts ea00 3899 Retweets 16717 Likes Tweet your reply Update she was deaddafuckserious called my supervisor on me and said I'm withholding her funds & that I told her I'll beat her ass i was lowkey just playing but L imabeatherassOOOO Lmao WOW So come to find out she did the same thing to TWO of my other coworkers and they actuallye her the money Everybody an idiot She had the right one when she asked me to give her the money I worked for My supervisor said so everybody dumb dumb except me 91 ㅇ4423 t 32 My supervisor said We never would've known if you didn't tell her you'll beat her ass for asking dumb questions Thank you MsKight Imaaoo i don't even know what to think Meme

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