My crush got exposed So it was late bout 1 am me and my friend are talkin on ft Suddently we get into serious topics She starts teasing me about my crush dont like her anymore Well call my crush flower And i slowly find out who my friend likes She likes this person only slightly we'll call that person sane Then as were about too change the subject my friend says she wont tease me about flower if i dont tease her about sane Seems legit so i agree Little do i know my friends bestie joined the call and heard the last part and now knowS who we like She immediately leaves the call and we laugh it off Next day i decide too confront bestie I ask her directly how many people she told Bestie says about tree fiddy Thats wher i realised my friends bestie is actually an 8 foot crustacean from the palezoic era Based on a true story Its oc theonly reason its a screenshot is cause i was 2 lazy 2 rewrite Meme

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