My facebook suddenly split in half and this screen popped up with all these random cyber space options and it was like watching and assessing things sooooo weird? and talking about child and children being forced WTF???? is this some sort of cyber police thing that my IP was accedently allowed to access so i could help stop child abuse on the net or am i going crazy???? has this happened to anyone else??-feeling confused Like Comment Share 10 hours ago Style Editor D Debugger OProfiler Console Inspector Network O Net QFiter output Security Logging Clear u Jefg213FHcss48 u Jefg213FHcss51 A Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-elementwebkit-input-placeholder Ruleset ignored due to bad selector 221920120 221920120 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element -ms-input-placeholder A Enpty string passed to getElerentById A XUL box for div element contained an inline span child forcing all its children to be wrapped in a block A Error in parsing value for left Declaration dropped GET https3-p-06-ash2channelfacebookcompul1tchannelp 100004713670425ion-1375client id-2672074escbk285idle-16cap-0odesst reansfornat-ison IHTTP11 200 1 Ruteset ignored due to bad selector 222137-103 btJ3dZp2y7 js47 -8BmvjPhaY1js97 photophp 222201359 222317-983 222528965 Child slavery is bad guys Meme

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