My favorbe thing about Thomas the Tanis Eagine is that it canonicaly takes place in a troin post-apocolypse here the island of Sodor is the only sale zose in a totaltarian dyanepio in which steom tvaina ane routinet loled and their body parta ae sold or caneibalied far epair If you thnkm kidding you need to read the original coud you please direct me to a sou?uld feel much It book me so long to ind this quote onine but I did i because t' so much dker than one ighe expect from Thomes the Tank Engine Engi ntheOthr Raay arent sale n Ther costrolers ate cruel They dont e ned arry more hey putm on cold damp sedings and then Pancy nearly aobbed Thiry they cut tham up The Bhateas of England·Stepney tho 6habe Engine Res Awdry Wibert LondonEgmant Publishing 1963 This lustration by Gumar d Peter Edwad ccompanied the above teat in the orginal book and depicts a peir of unfrtunate Other Ralway engines the early thomas the tank engine books are prety istrationa # pou watched thr shom is ike1hat it book the second holf of thea sars no Mucking dark nd surreal iem cominced they wwa esult of reverend haucaons of his own death Eecuse me but the eery est atory is the Raway Se is in a tutnel and ea paint jab ain so taheay maagement seas off the tonne They esemoblly let ou becuse andther engine breaks doen or sometherg bute eriginal plan was to ust him in here fonevr On the show didet hey aiss hook up one esgine to a generator so he'd never move agoin? hat was Eteral ose of the nesk Its on some other post en he mas chiino res! This also nappened die books to ar' egne relened to only as No 2 but the selevision series named Shadger ๒the episode Grangur Smudge said Dake Washow-ot He rode roughily and often came off the rais 1 warned him to We do here sold but Smudger aghed ามารา oneday Manager said he woo gong to make him useul at lost Smudger stopped taughing he Wewhy What did he do! tumed hrn mo อ generator He's st8there behind our shed Hell never mave again deducecanse This is so fucked up No isten Ckay so we see Ratway Management doing al the shi right but auppopedly its so much wor in the Othar Ray mean sure you migt ge turned into generator or tricked into a tunnel for not dong ล% pouhf told bet at least yoere not cut up and sold for parts ghe? is ngt so bed on the isond of Sodat right Or frayee 1hara jat what ณhay Managemen wants the engines to think Maybe the island of Sodor is the real sotaltarion regime and the engine cnzens slaves are fed propaganda ustrated in helish grays and sulfuric yellows about how bad is everywhe t elle ฮ1 all the Other Railways aiway Manaemet eare abou you Trust Ralway Manegement lay on Your Track It Could Be So 0 Much Worse Wt the fuck is this rain based 1984 buishe awesomacious Thomas the tank engine Meme

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