my favourite legend from the norse mythology is when a giant steals mjolnir and says he'll give it back if he can have Freyja as his bride but she refuses to go so instead Thor dresses up as her and Loki as her handmaiden and then at the wedding the giant places mjolnir in his bride's thor lap and thor reveals himself and kills everybody and if that shouldn't be made a short film with I don't know what should Do yo think they notice Nah 443 systlin thehornedwitch systlin rowantheexplorer systlin rowantheexplorer systlin fandomsandanythingelse I was reading Hammer of Thor and this story was referenced and i just ran across this and honestly i can’t think of anything else SHORT film I demand TWO HOURS OF THIS The scene where Loki shifts himself into a lovely maiden and somehow smooth talks Freyja into letting them borrow Brisingamen for the escapade alone is worth a short film Image text is missing my favorite part that what almost gave Thor away was that he ate basically the entire wedding banquet himself and Loki was like “see isn’t she a catch with her healthy appetite?” He also drank literally all of their beer and mead All of it All Of It To be fair pretty sure Freyja could also drink all of Jotunheim under the table if she wanted but she’d probably be classier about it Also there’s a bit where Thor’s eyes literally glow with rage and of course the giants noticeLoki’s save? “She’s been… crying… all night… for… love… of… you????” and it WORKS SOMEHOW Look Loki got 18 for Charisma and then leveled it up at every chance he got he’s got like a +24 to Deception checks at this point it’s ridiculous Of course Odin has a +40 to Perception so he can usually see through it Meme

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