My girlfriend's pup falling asleep on this road trip Beloveds! As you enjoy an extra day off tomorrow for some of y’allI know some of y’all bosses FRONTIN - send them my way if need be and let smash knock some sense into them 😬 please take a moment to remember the sacrifice of Martin Luther King Jr who paid the ultimate cost for the advancement of civil liberties in this country The fight he fought wasn’t just for people of color - the unfair treatment of ANY portion of our society weighs ALL of us down - morally economically and spiritually We owe a debt of gratitude to him! May God bless him 🤲 Bless up lovers ❤️ 1 Sleepy puppo @dundermifflinpuppercompany 2 14 year old doggo @oldmantbone And please check out @susiesseniordogs 3 Perrywinkle reddit u-43v3rthepizza 4 Cat and dog @zpets 5 Who’s hungry @mississippi_golden_gurls 6 Puppy hiding bone @arielfriedphotography Meme

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