my husban works for a funeral home and I can't September 14 tell you how many babies he picks up after well visitsas antivaxxers it is all he can do not to scream stop vaccinating! he would lose his job though Sohe just keeps picking up babies No matter what bull- shizzle that pediatrician spewed at yo I promise you did the right thing They have a god complexit happens when you've been propped up on a pedastool and worshipped by the masses 494 107 Comments 198 Shares Like Share View 19 more comments I read a story about a funeral director and the funeral home had been the family business for generations The elder patriarch said that they never used to have unexplained crib death before infant vaccines There were infant deaths but the children were already sickly us See More YOUTUBECOM The documented truth about 4 Like 5w 4 Replies 1 Sure Seems legit and reliable Meme

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