My husband holds the razor nervously —-it is an awkward careful thing to shave the face of someone else In the kitchen he had carefully explained to my son exactly what was going to happen “Mike is going to shave your chin And your neck” He held the electric trimmer up so Dominic could see turned it on and off twice so he could hear the buzzing Dominic covered his ears “Maybe another night?” I suggested hopefully because I love them both Because I’ve lived with autism for almost sixteen years ”I’m not sure he’s ready now” “No I’ve got it” Mike said because as a step-dad he is newer to this less assuming always willing “He can do this” As he guided him out the doorwall and on to the deck Dominic was humming rocking nervous I watched as my husband held his head gently flipped the switch and moved the razor across Dominic’s chin Mike was concentrating I could see his desire to be gentle and thorough to convey certainty After a minute Dominic took his hands from his ears and rested them softly on his chest I watched his body relax Soon he turned his chin up slightly to make it easier tilting his head left and right By the end Dominic was smiling This was a small moment but it is SO BIG SO SCARY when you are a person living with autism Or the person caring for someone with autism My husband has known my son for six years but in spite of this—-because of this?—-he has challenged my expectations He asks me not to underestimate He questions how I know what I think I know He reminds me over and over that dignity is necessary to all people with or without a disability Much like autism the language of trust can be a mysterious and wordless one Give that trust with quiet abandon and an open heart Watch without judgement for the big and small ways it finds a way back to you again via Nicole Jankowski Writer Meme

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