My name is Marty the Martsweeper My job is to scoot about cleaning up minor debris and reporting major spills Every so often I stall in the middle of an aisle but thats fine because I'm cheaper than paying minimum wage for someone to watch the cameras TASTE SOMETHINGFUN SALTINES SPECIALTY CRACKERS Save a tript the drug stor CO RECORN MXFLN BB Dorkess pries WATYAS UTTN GATHER UDPUDEDP 1 26 OSTIC Exto EXtra Joms s sont Danite Oormes TN CATEN ல் $1E 26 CHECK PRICE HERE Dontes s Dalites S DO TOST RO OST 310 E $188 WAV Defit 26 TOST $1 88 optres lerres otes Acadia 24 PLE Acadia Springwter 2 26 $18 Acadia $24 Jonte ontes Acadia Spring ro tes ST Acadia sprirger Acadia springwater 24 Acadia pring Acadia onng er I live in a state that hasnt increased minimum wage in over a decade so next time your boss tells you that $15 wage will force them to replace minimum wage workers with bots think about me They are going to replace you with a 6 foot tall robotic butt plug either way This was in Stop &ampamp Shop MA USA Send this to anyone who says minimum wage forces bosses to mechanize Meme

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