My older sister came to take care of after I got home from the hospital She knows I love make up and I only buy the best She asked me to do her a make-over I would love too I spent an hour doing her makeup and I usedd all my makeup on her She uses make up from Walmart or anywhere she can find it cheap I will wear drug store make up every now and thern My older sister failed to tell me she had a bunch of cold sores on her lips I was pissed about it She failed to protect me I used my lipsense lipstick and gloss on her She said that it was going away and that she was using Abreva everyday Smh I refuse to use my Lipsense again I sent her message re I am sending it to her This what type of response I got from her Yes I did buy her gifts while she was here and paid for her food etc I had did her makeup in Oh God is everyone who likes or comments going to be hit up peddling Lipsense MLM crap MLM's are like cold sores This was in a FB group Her upline is commenting about how upset they would be if their Lipsense were ruined That's my comment on the bottom I see what they're doing Meme

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