My pregnant wife has been practicing her swaddling technique on the dog Reddit uohaivoltage @DrSmashlove So I just copped a stick of Tom’s “North Woods” natural deodorant bc they finally released a deodorant that’s also an anti-perspirant and for me that’s a must because I work out daily and I can’t have the cute MILF’s and instagram girls who wear a baseball cap and yoga pants and make they man photograph them at the gym thinking smash doesn’t bathe 🤗😂 Anyway imma keep it 600 - this is nice! It kinda smell like old school Speed Stick - the joint all the gym teachers would wear I low key feel like a sexy gym teacher RN Walking around school in tight sweatpants with the PP print on display and a polo tucked in with the drawstring hanging by the print and a college cap that say “ILLINI” and a whistle on my neck and the Nike Monarchs or as I call them the “Father Who Was Present In His Children’s Lives 11s” just smiling and winking at the Kindygarten teachers like “Hey Suzan Hey Karen Howdy Janet Good MOHNIN Julia ☺️ Stevie always good to see you - DROP AND GIMME 20! Lmao jk wyd tho Oh hi Martha 😉 Are those new reading glasses? I like them 😍” That’s me today at work feeling like a spicy gym teacher Matter fact that’s my 2018 schmood until further notice Spicy gym teacher af Strutting around school giving hi fives for no reason overseeing floor hockey matches “GIMME A PULL UP!!” LMAO I’m stupid bless up 😍😂😂😂 Meme

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