My safe word is Raptor! TOILET TIMES WHAT's new? U TUES 402 APRO APROS Food fight @ lunch Titan 4 Life awarded to any student who hits Mr Muñoz with a durian AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH O THURS 404 Dr Gates Ms Robins distribute THE PASS@ breal Max 2 per student Wesley Huang need not apply DID YOU KNOW? 37% of SMHS freshmen say they would bang Hillary Clinton if given the chance! U FRI 405 SMHS Choir Spring Concert What happens to Mr Muñoz when he sprints into a wall D7 PM-9 PM @SM Community APPROVED wal Church with a full erection? He DATE Jokes breaks his nose What do you call a cheap circumcision? A rip-off when you finish doing laundry and find another pile of dirty clothes enten but you can' the board GET THE SCOOP smhsasb Stop I can't handle another load WHEN NATURE CALLS WE'LL UPDATE YALL! Someone posted this in the school bathroom Meme

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