My sociology professor had a really good metaphor for privilege today She didn't talk about race or she talked about being left-handed gender or orientation or clas A left-handed person walks into most s and immediately is made aware of their left-handedness-they have to sit in a left-handed seat which restricts their choices of where to sit If there are not enough left-handed seats they will have to sit in a right-handed seat and be continuously aware of their left-handedness There are other examples like left-handed scissors or baseball mitts as well Meanwhile right-handed people have much more choice about where to sit and almost never have to think about their right-handedness Does this mean right-handed people are bad? No Does it mean that we should replace all right-handed desks with left-handed desks? No But could we maybe use different desk styles that can accommodate everyone and makes it so nobody has limited options or constant awareness that they are different? Yes Now think of this as a metaphor For social class For race For ethnicity For gender For orientation For anything else that sets us apart WHY DOESNT THIS HAVE MORE NOTES? Because I posted it about 90 seconds ago calm down 14088 notes Right-handed privilege Meme

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