My son told me about a dead woman with blue skin no hair and black eyes who supposedly lived in our old follow us outside and try to get in our car but there was no room so she stood outside and watched us leave while I work with kids on the autism spectrum One of them said They can see us but we can't see them My daughter age 3 woke me up in the middle of the night momma do you hear that breathingItold her that was me breathing She said in a low voice no momma be very quiet and lilsten I didn't hear anything but we slept with lights on the rest of the months early Spent almost 3 months in the hospltal As soon as my son and daughter in law brought her home every now and then they would smell cigarette smole in the house and nelther of them smoked Isabella would point to the walls whenever this would mom known as Mimi As soon as Isabella started talking she would ask about Mimi 1 am not a church gaing girl!! She's4 now and still occasionally out of the blue will say she misses One night when my daughter was 2 years old she woke and could not get in bed and 1 took our daughter on my lap under a blanket in a chair We were both a bit drowsy when she suddenly raised up her head and saidHello towards the wall where the door was As my heart started racing she as if she was on the phone with She stopped when I called my husband I jokingly asked What's the best way 7-year-old's response Tell her to be my girlfriend or she'll never see her passing me cake I dutifully eat each It was poison You died Oh okay She then proceeded to chop me up mix my chopped parts with some spice in a pot and then serve the resulting Edit We have a lot of these figured that'd be the one you guys would get the most kick out of but we have quite I was babysitting a family friend's kid and it was just the two of us in the whispered to me We're not alone in My son was4 years old at the time we and he got this really scared look on his face and said he wanted to go back inside I asked him what was wrong and he pointed to the street where nothing was there and said the monster was staring at him Seeing as how I krnow children can see things we cannot I took that baby inside and said a prayer! My youngest daughter who is now 25 used to wake up in middle of the night between ages 3 and 7 and tell me the beautiful angel was in her room watching over her and that she was dressed in white with glorious white wings She would say don't you see how beautiful she is mommy? Many years later between 18 and 22 once again the lady in white would show up and even speal to her There was one time L actually heard someone say are yo alright with my own ears plain as day me she turned around and look at me and said why wouldn't I be okay? That's when it dawned on me our angel was asking her and I had the pleasure if and stories will I want to thank you all for your contribution children related story either it's creepy sacd fun or strange and you consider it worthy of sharing don't forget to send it to me at Kids can say creepy things Part 10 Meme

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