my teacher commended me for taking such good notes today but i was really just writing the lyrics to real slim shady solely out of memory Unit N lesson a nord nistory please nave may up repoat the real slim snady please stand l will the real sum snady please stand up we're gonna a nave a propem nere Uall act like you've never seen before jaws all on tne floor live Pam ami Tommy lust burst in the door and started wnoping nerii ass worse than before they first Were alvorsed 'tnronm ner over furniture anl itis tne return ot tne- an natt way you're ne didn't just say nnar ne dia and Dr Dre nothing you idiots Dr Dre's dead he's locked in my basement na feminist women ove Eminem chicka cnicka cnika slim snady m sick of him look at nim walking around grabbima has you Know What flipping the you know who yean put n so cute tnougn! yean I probably got a couple of screws up in my nedd loose but no worse man nnat15 going on in your parent's bedroom' sometimes want to qc on TV and jusT let loose pur can't but it's cool tor Tom Green to nump a dead moose mu pum is on your lips my bum is on your lips and if I'm luck you miant ne deliver to little kids and expect them not to Enon nnat s clitorus is! ot course they gonna know wnat a woman intercourse is by the time they nit 4th grade they got the discovery channel don't they? We ain't nothna but mammals well some cannibals Wno cut people open ive cantaloupes put if We can nump dead animals and ante loupes and thKre's a reason nny one man and another man can't elope but it jou teel like l teel the cnol and it goes! l'm slim shady yean l'Yh the real snady all you Other Slim snady 5 50 Won't the real m snadu Please stand please stand up Happy Chinese New Years!!!🐔🐔🐓🐓 Meme

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