My teacher included this on our study guide for the Civil War PERIOD 5 1844-1877 ST KEY TERMS Using your reading and course notes make sure you terms below Vocabulary forf thi Annexation of Texas Free Soil Party Crittenden Compromise Battle of Schrute Farms Black Codes Manifest Destiny Wilmot Proviso Ostend Manifesto Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo Gadsden Purchase Popular Sovereig e Kansas-Nebraska Freeport Doctrine Border States Battle of Vicksb Emancipation P Wade-Davis B Compromise o Pacific Railwa Panic of 1879 Sharecroppi Homestead Act Boss Tweed Tenure of Office Act Focus questions you should feelc How did the annexation of western territe deeper divisions between the North and Ch What was the Dred Scott decision? Wh Meme

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