myathesleepyoctopus A student during break had her head in her arms and was shaking a bit so i asked the kid next to her whether she was laughing or crying and this 8 year old stared me in the eye deadpan and said inm crying on the inside myathesleepyoctopus Wait i take that back I cant believe i forgot about the time i brought in a small stuffed octopus as a class mascot because why tf not It was a class of high schoolers and i didnt imagine theyd actually care much but one student snuck in a snack and gave it to the octopus as a tribute Which led to other students doing the same thing until every day there was a pile of of offerings to Fweej the Overseer mostly consisting of things like string cheeses and small bags of chips but sometimes there wouldd be a couple bucks in quarters one kid brought in some giant pocky i think and at one point there was a cold stone gift card This stuffed octopus gained a cult following Later i brought in another stuffed octopus that looked exactly the same but bigger and told the class that Fweej the Overseer accepted their offerings and became stronger These highschoolers lost their goddamn minds kids these days Meme

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