myblackmare horse-on-a-space Follow insomniac-arrest when girls like horses we call them 'horse girls' and mock them for their bond with giant nightmare leg-finger creatures but if boys like horses we call them future cowboys' and rugged outdoors men' I'm just saying I've met a lot more horse girls than horse boys so when the dystopic breakdown of society hits us it's not going to be roving bands of young men on horseback they don't know how to ride they haven't BOND ED it will be Kelly from elementary school and her band of fifty midwest girls in pink cowgirl boots who have come for your resources whitebear-ofthe-watertribe Wanna know a fun fact? When they were filming Lord of the Rings they needed A LOT of extras to be able to ride horses into battle They couldn't find nearly enough men with horses riding skills so they hired just like a crap ton of women who were expert riders slapped some beards on 'em and called it good The VAST majority of the riders in that film are horse girls Horse girls win battles lawyerchronicles Horse girls win battles Source insomniac-arrest 36885 notes Horse Girls Meme

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