MYTH REALITY Walt Disney first drew He was drawn by the company's chief anmator Ub lwerks Mickey Mouse MYTH REALITY Vincent van Gogh He only cut off the cut off his own eartip of his earlobe MYTH REALITY Napoleon was very short The French Emperor was around 17 meters tall MYTH REALITY Salieri was the Salieri was jealous of Mozart conductor at court and he was more successful than Mozart MYTH REALITY Ferdinand Magellan He died having was the first persontraveled only half to circumnavígate the distance the Earth MYTH REALITY Cleopatra was from Egypt Cleopatra had Greek ancestry MYTH REALITY 2-25 2+2 Einstein was Einstein excelled in science class at school MYTH REALITY Thomas Edison invented the electric lightbulb Edison only invented a method to keep bulbs constantly turned on MYTH REALITY Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head The apple fell to the ground next to him Its fall helped him understand gravity <p>Nine historical myths we need to stop believing<p> Meme

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