N 111 44% A 1 56 AM PmFacebookcom kuzco's poison @NathanZed The Emperors NewW Groove is the most underrated disney movie of all time 543 PM 25 Mar 2018 Dids The poison The poison for Kuzco the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco Kuzco's poisorn Disnerds Timeline Photos Mar 28 at 1026am BackForward Home Bookmarks Tabs ас ft dill 38% 1 46 AM Laura Beth C No there's other movies I would list as most underrated Most people I know love Emperor's New Groove Movies I would give more credit to that don't get enough are Fantasia It's not that it's unheard of or doesn't get marketing but how often do you hear people say it's their favorite? Amongst artists and animators it recieves high praise but not amongst the general populace And outside of Sorcerer's apprentice do you see merchandise? It is there but not like other films and it's often super expensive Black Cauldron has an underground following but other than hardcore Disney fans who even knows about the film? And while it's true that the books ot's based off are way better and the pacing and storytelling in the movie tend to fall flat I would argue that it is again visually one of the best animated Disney movies easilly It's gorgeously animated Despite its faults and flaws I think it does want to be a good movie Rescuers Down Under is a great movie everyone seems to just forget about for some reason I don't know this movie d nt get more love Atlantis is visually interesting lots of Rescuers Down Under is a great movie everyone seems to just forget about for some reason I don't know why this movie doesn't get more love Atlantis is visually interesting lots of fun but does suffer from pacing issues Still I think it's enjoyable and has a cast of interesting characters Not to mention Kida is a cool princesS Treasure Planet is a fun movie and an interesting retelling of a classic Granted I think the story is a bit predictable being a classic novel set aside and I think Disney movies were getting a bit formulaic at the time in how they were being served and in flavor So I think that's why movies at this time were not doing well in general But I think this movie was better than it was given credit at the time Brother Bear suffers many of the same issues as Treasure Planet in the timing it came out and being formulaic in flavor So it didn't get much love Surprisingly when I finally got around to watching it I thought it was much better than expected Disney probably tried to market the Mooses a bit too hard So yeah I would hose movies are waaay more underappreciated Some N > 111 38% A 1 46 AM So yeah I would say those movies are waaay more underappreciated Some might argue Sword In The Stone Robin Hood Fox and the Hound Great Mouse Detective Oliver and Company Hunchback Meet The Robinsons and Bolt as well And before anybody says it Home On The Range was a terrible movie that dealt the final blow to traditional animated movies in the US and I'll never forgive it It's plot was quintessentially formulaic The characters are crude mean spirited annoying or a combination of all three The original idea that the animators had about ghost riders and a fearful cowboy was SO00O much more interesting and appealing It was pure brain worm infesting madness that drove them to take the film in such a dumb boring direction The only interesting qualities it has is Alameda Slim could have potentially been an interesting villian but his potential is wasted on this movie The movie has moments where it is ALMOST charming and then is followed up with a dumb burp or fart joke or something crude Sorry to anybody that likes the movie It's ok if you like it and that's vour choice but it doesn't make the film a good movie 12 on Wed Like Re More Thomas John Allen replied 4 replies i make 1 tweet about The Emperors New Groove and Laura went wild httpstcoXCG8P328Tc Meme

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