N 21% 703 PM hmm 43m U a rate? My future wife10 uEgghammac 33m Haha thx 7m Wait you're laughing?? I'm already driving to the jewelry store to buy you the biggest diamond ring to make all the girls jealous for our future marriage someday uEgghammac 21m Laughing cause I'm 17 dont like marriage and not marrying you lol 19m Wait WHY??? Am I not good enough for Your Highness??? uEgghammac 14m Uh all the reasons I just said 2m But why don't you like marriage? You don't like romance and the idea of sharing your life with the man you love and loves you back? uEgghammac 5m Considering I dont love you or know you I'm not marrying you creep 4m No no I asked you why you don't love marriage m It's obviously tongue in cheek humor don't know each othe geez are you okay no duh we Now Eww you have a crappy personality and can't recognize humor and you immediately turn nasty and throw labels around to make someone feel bad when obviously I was joking with you and you couldnt even tell ewwwyou suck blocked Reply to message A day in the life of a reddit user Meme

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