N Telenor VPN 1415 @ 42 % rShowerthoughts ublackspacemanz 11h Yo it would be fuckin fire if everyone could wear around a number that was proportional to the current level of stress- causing hormones in their body You'd instantly know not to get on people's bad side like Gerald in the office is showing a 89 step the fuck off m8 Mindblowing 63k 226 Share Award BEST COMMENTS powerlessidc 7h I'm a teacher and during morning meeting I always have my kids go around the room and give me a number from 1-10 on how good their day is so far and what kind of mood they're in Some share stories of why it was a bad night or whatever but some just say the number Then everyone knows how to treat everyone One day l was mad had a headache had arn issue with another staff etc I said I was a one Mv kids were angels that day Reply 1978 blackspacemanz 7h You a great person' 349 Add a comment Sounds like an amazing teacher πŸ˜† Meme

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