Name Romeo and Juliet Period Date What Says ? Act I Identify Shakespeare's lines which best translate the following tweets Just chill - we will fill in what we missed #bepatient #awesomeplays Prologue lines 13-14 Example 1 Even a Montague dog irks me! Shove them all to the street! #Capuletsrule lines Act I Scene 2 Peace dude! Put away your weapon or use it to break up these guys! #jerks lines Act I Scene 3 One more riot and I swear you will die #princeproblems Act I Scene lines 4 Ugh my son! Locking himself in his room and sleeping all day So depressed #teenageboys Act I Scene lines 5 Everyone looks at love like something wonderful but in truth it's agonizing! #loveishell #shelovesmenot Act I Scene lines 6 Jeez allow yourself to look! Check out other chicks! #getoverher #otherfishinthesea Act I Scene lines 7 Shouldn't be so hard for a couple of old geezers like Montague and I to get along #endriots Act IScene_lines 8 Capulets are having a bash! If you aren't a Montague come and party! #gonnabeepic Act IScene lines 9 Consider marriage now girl! You are older than many mothers! #teenmom #bestbachelorever Act I Scene lines 10 For all our best intentions it might be stupid to crash this party! #dumbmoves #reckless Act I Scene lines Shakespeare yo Meme

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