Naomi Aberly Book an Appointment ZIP CITY OR STATE SEARCH Or call 1-800-230-7526 Our Leadership Dr Leana Wen Naomi Aberly Melvin Galloway Kim Custer Latanya Mapp Frett Dannette Danni Hill Jethro O Miller Debra Alligood White Franklin Rosado Roger Evans Dr Sara Flowers Naomi Aberly Chair of the Planned Parenthood Federation Board of Directors Naomi Aberly is a political activist and civic volunteer who focuses her efforts on Women's Health She has been deeply involved in progressive politics policymaking and fundraising at the state and federal levels for the past fifteen years She is currently a Vice Chair of the DNC and a member of the Democratic Victory Task Force of the DNC Naomi is also a board member of SiX the State Innovation Exchange Battleground TX and the Texas Future Project Naomi is on the Advisory Board of Organizing for Action and co- founder of Invest to Elect a political giving circle for women in Boston MA She joined the Obama for America National Finance Committee in early 2007 and continued as a National Finance Committee member for the 2012 election She has been a substantial fundraiser for Senate House and Gubernatorial campaigns nationwide since 2004 She is a former board chair of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas and Annie's List in Texas She is a member of the Planned Parenthood Leadership Council the Women Donors Network and the EMILY's List Majority Council She is also an active supporter of the Center for Reproductive Rights the Center for American Progress The Voter Participation Center and the Texas Organizing Project Meme

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