Naomi & H @NaomiH official-22h EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP Anonymous 082318Thu180959 No777978488 >be me >browsing twitter >see some furry excited about their nasa internship also cussing and using nasa in the same sentence which could cause trouble >fuckingfurriesjpeg tell her to watch her language >she tells me to suck her dick and balls tell her i am motherfucking homer hickam >her friends get pissed and start cussing me off and god forbid tag nasa >nasa see tweets >she loses her internship and big break at life I GOT ACCEPTED FOR ANASA INTERNSHIP 447 Homer HickamHomerHickam 3h Language t2 Naomi G H DNaomiHofficial 2h Suck my dick and balis I'm working at NASA o 65 Homer Hickam omerHickam-2 9 And 1 am on the National Space Council that oversees NASA 18 Imagine being smart enough to get an internship at fucking nasa but being retarded enough to let this happen Meme

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