Nathan McDermott @Nate McDermott- 2h @FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver said this about a potential Bernie win in Michigan NATE SILVER 925 PM I said earlier today that I had an intuition Sanders could beat his polling in Michigan tonight but I didn't expect things to be quite so close If Sanders winds up winning in Michigan in fact it will count as among the greatest polling errors in primary history Clinton led by 213 percentage points in our final Michigan polling average Previously the candidate with the largest lead to lose a state in our database of well-polled primaries and caucuses was Walter Mondale who led in New Hampshire by 171 percentage points but lost to Gary Hart in 1984 CNN C politics Election Results 2016 Nation World Oun age 1601 total respondents 12% 18-24 9% 25-29 16% 30-39 16% 40-49 27% 50-64 20% 65 and older key clinton sanders uncommitted otherno answer 13% 87% na na 23% 75% 2% na 37% 61% 1% 1% 50% 39% 2% na 56% 40% 3% 1% 68% 31% 1% na horselover107 areyoufromanotherplanet essyltinexile Bernie Sanders was down 20 points in Michigan polls Look at those exit poll age metrics You know what this says? This says that young people BROKE THE POLLS Don’t let anyone tell you that your vote doesn’t matter or that young people can’t have a say young people have just proven that they MUST be listened to If you guys want Bernie to have a chance he needs to repeat this sort of performance and likely win by even more in Ohio Illinois Florida and more And PS he’s currently trailing by 20 points or so in those states as he was in Michigan So if you live in those states… chop-chop Floridans He’s down by like 40 percent here Get out to the polls and vote they’re already open for early voting this week if you can’t make it on Election Day Prove the pollsters wrong We can do it! Meme

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