NEARLY EVERYBODY IS CONDEMNINGTRUMP FOR restricting the rights OF NEWS ORGANIZATIONS The White House has no business stifling the free press no matter their political proclivities and it should b See More WHITE HOUSE THE White House blocks news outlets from media briefing The White House has blocked several major news outlets from independentcouk WRONG! BEING DISINVITED FROM A PRIVATE FORUM IS CALLED FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION NO ONE HAS AN AUTOMATIC RIGHT TO BE INCLUDED! WAC ADMIN Editorial While everyone is busy calling out the Trump administration for supposedly restricting a free press I disagree This isn't the use of government power to stifle the free press The press is still free to print whatever it wants This is merely an entity disinviting certain people from a private gathering People on all sides of the political spectrum need to stop this nonsensical and invented belief that every human being on Earth has an inherent and automatic right to walk into someone else's forum and lie or disrespect that someone You don't You don't have a right to enter MY home and insult my wife and kids You have a right to insult my wife and kids OUTSIDE my home yes but you have no right to do it INSIDE my home If you do I can in fact disinvite you Joe Blow doesn't have a right to automatically gain membership to someone's Facebook page as he insults the admins every day He has a right to insult the admins anywhere else but the admins have a right to disinvite him It's their page not his A white supremacist doesn't have a right to walk into a bar owned by a black man and insist that he get to preach white-power to all the customers The black bar owner certainly has the right to disinvite that white supremacist even though our constitution still protects that racist fool's desire to speak freely anywhere in public or anywhere he owns rents or is invited THIS IS CALLED FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION and it's part of BEING AN ADULT Freedom of association is NOT an infringement on freedom of speech or press The first amendment states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances Trump has passed no law to restrict freedom of speech or press The right of reporters to peacefully assemble has not been revoked They can assemble anywhere in public They can assemble anywhere they're invited to assemble or any place they own rent They have not been forbidden from petitioning the government SOME individuals have simply been disinvited from a private forum That's all Many then exclaim but the government is not private This is true but meetings and gatherings CAN be and often ARE private regardless of whether some of the attendees work for the government Many also exclaim but shouldn't an administration be open to all outlets and all criticism? Sure I agree but the words should and shouldn't are relevant to a debate on values I'm speaking merely of RIGHTS I would prefer an administration be truthful This one isn't always truthful I admit as much I would prefer an administration speak to most outlets This one doesn't seem to want to do that as we see None of that however means that all news outlets have a right to interact with members of the executive It's a privilege they enjoy extended via private invitation We've all just grown so comfortable with custom that we've begun to conflate right and privilege If individuals at CNN want to wake up every single morning and dream up new ways to lie about and distort the current administration then the current administration has every right to disinvite them to a private gathering Trump cannot - and mustn't - use his power to restrict their freedom of speech Trump cannot - and shouldn't - use his power to lock them up Trump cannot directly use his power to send their kids off to war as retaliation for one of their reporters saying something bad about him All of that would be government using its power to restrict rights But simply disinviting someone from a private forum? That's not crossing the line because people aren't born with an automatic invitation to everyone else's private gatherings Meme

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